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Investing locally, exporting globally

€30M investment in Macroom delivered a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility

Project Munster was an €30M investment by Danone Early Life Nutrition in the Macroom site. As a result of this investment Macroom is the first contingency factory in the Danone Network for fermented products.

Operating on a 24/7 basis and employing approximately 200 people, the Macroom Supply Point is an ultra-modern infant formulae production processing facility supplying plants across the Danone network in Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Russia, China and New Zealand.

Macroom is one of the two biggest manufacturing plants in the Danone Early Life Nutrition Global Network

QualITY assured ManufacTurInG

Infant formulae is bulk produced in Macroom, an FSSC 22000 quality assured facility and shipped to the other plants within the network to be finished and packaged for local markets.

Some examples of the finished products you will see in shops and supermarkets in Ireland include Cow & Gate and Aptamil.

130 Years In Ireland

Cow and Gate started out as a creamery in Ireland and has been manufactured here since 1887. Today, Cow and Gate is one of the infant formulaes produced in the Macroom factory, 98% of which is exported to 60 different countries.


Supporting the Local Community

Over the years,the factory has built a strong relationship with the local community through supporting a range of local initiatives.