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Danone X Whitewave

Together as one, Danone and WhiteWave aim to inspire better food & beverage choices. By developing a world-leading dairy and plant-based portfolio, we are helping consumers to select from a wider range of better-for-you and great-tasting products. It’s all part of the alimentation revolution – changing the way the world eats for the health of people and the planet.


When it comes to what and how we eat and drink, a growing number of us are making a conscious choice. We’re paying more attention to what we eat and drink, and the impact this has for our health, the environment, and the communities around us. Specifically demand is growing for more nourishing, natural and sustainable products, that can be consumed at different moments of the day

It’s why Danone’s acquisition of WhiteWave makes perfect sense. It brings together two leaders in food and beverages, with complementary portfolios in some of the fastest-growing, health-focused categories. In addition to dairy, waters, early life nutrition, and medical nutrition, our combined offer now includes premium organic & fesh foods, non-GMO, plant-based products and coffee creamers.

With this diverse portfolio, we can help satisfy consumers’ desires for a wider choice of products. This includes meeting the needs of the growing number of ‘flexitarians’, who wish to diversify their protein sources and see plant-based products as part of their diets. And at the same time, better cater to consumers with dietary constraints.


Combining these two leaders gives us greater scale, expertise, geographical reach, and know-how, on our journey to strong, sustainable and profitable growth by 2020.

Our North American business will double, to over $6 billion. In the United States, our new entity DanoneWave will become one of the top 15 food and beverage companies, and No.1 in refrigerated dairy (excluding cheese).

The former WhiteWave businesses in Europe (Alpro), LatAm and China will join forces with Danone Dairy as the key pillar of our new Plant-Based Business unit, with the aim to expand and grow the plant-based category around the world.  

Danone’s important geographic presence in Europe will accelerate Alpro’s continent-wide growth, and help bring Alpro’s plant-based products closer to consumers.

Furthermore, we can draw on each other’s know-how in dairy fermentation and plant-based expertise. Stepping up our innovation abilities will lead to the creation of more products that meet evolving consumer trends.


It’s not just our business cultures and product ranges that are complementary. Danone and WhiteWave also share the same vision: to inspire healthier eating and drinking choices while promoting a model of sustainable growth that creates economic and social value, and limiting our environmental impact.

It’s what we call the alimentation revolution. We share an understanding that ‘alimentation’ means more than the simple act of eating, but extends to other important dimensions of food, such as nutrition, taste, and social and cultural aspects.

Our brands are driving the alimentation revolution forward by remaining closely focused on the needs of local consumers and communities, and by providing solutions to the world’s health and sustainability challenges.

Moreover, as part of the acquisition, DanoneWave will become the biggest public benefit corporation in the U.S. This status is recognition that our mission goes beyond shareholder interests to include environmental and social factors. For example, we are committed to promoting sustainable farming, conserving water, reducing waste, encouraging circular economy, decreasing our carbon footprint, and offering a diverse range of products.

Emmanuel Faber: “Our acquisition of WhiteWave is strong proof of our commitment to the alimentation revolution.”