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Our priorities and innovations

Nutricia believes in the power of nutrition to make a positive and proven difference to the health of patients. Therefore we focus our time and energy on developing and delivering new nutritional solutions for patients that meet both their existing and emerging health needs.

World-class research

Science sits at the very heart of Nutricia.  We have a world-class research and development facility in Utrecht (The Netherlands) where scientists are working to deliver evidence-based, specialised nutrition for infants, young children, adults and the elderly.

Examples of research and development being conducted right now include the development of innovative products to meet the needs of frail elderly patients, research into the optimal management of infants with cow's milk allergy and research into the role of nutrition to help patients in the earliest stages of Alzheimer's disease.


Improving lives

Nutricia sees the world through the eyes of the patients who use our products and healthcare professionals who prescribe them. It’s only through appreciating their needs that we believe we can provide the necessary support and solutions.  By working closely with healthcare professionals, Nutricia has been at the forefront of product innovation, ideas that have helped patients better adhere to their medically recommended regimen.   For example we make nutritional supplements for the elderly easier to use and take, through the development of “compact” formats. This means reducing the volume while maintaining the nutritional density needed by frail patients. Fortisip Compact was the very first product made available in this format, packing the nutritional benefits of a 200 ml drink into just 125 ml, ideal for patients who struggle with large volumes.


Nutricia specialises in the delivery of foods for special medical purposes for patients with specific nutritional needs. Science is at the very heart of our nutrition and health commitment. Thus we focus our skills and resources to deliver evidence-based, specialised nutrition to patients of all ages, from infants to the elderly, that meets their specific needs.

In paediatric care, we have developed a range of highly specialised nutritional products for children with inborn errors of metabolism, faltering growth or cow’s milk allergy. Furthermore, Nutricia organises events where families can connect with each other as well as support services to help families living with these medical conditions on a daily basis.

As our population ages, many more people are becoming vulnerable to the effects of old age, including frailty and disease. At Nutricia we offer healthy and balanced nutrition to frail elderly patients, a key factor for their overall care. Our offering also includes products and services to support healthcare providers and patients in the dietary management of chronic disease like cancer and stroke.


Nutricia’s efforts to pioneer nutritional discoveries are also focused on taste. The taste of medical nutrition products considerably influences patient compliance with treatment, for both children and adults.

Our oral nutritional supplements for children with severe food allergies are produced in a variety of flavours such as fruit 'smoothies', in chocolate and vanilla flavours, helping children to accept the constraints of their diet.  The products are also presented in small and colourful pouches, helping young patients to focus less on the 'medical' aspect of their diets.




As the leading provider of medical nutrition products in Ireland, Nutricia is committed to increasing awareness around the benefits of good nutritional care and establishing medical nutrition as an integral part of healthcare due to our passionate belief in the power of nutrition to make a positive and proven difference to health. Over the past few years we have collaborated with various advocacy groups including Alzheimer's Society of Ireland, Family Carers Ireland, formerly Carers Association of Ireland, and COPD Support Ireland. In these collaborations, we have taken time to understand the nutritional concerns of their members and develop educational materials to specifically meet these needs.