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At Danone, we believe that healthy food, produced sustainably has the power to build a healthier future, and this holistic approach also extends to the packaging we use. While packaging is crucial to protecting food and reducing food waste, it does use raw materials and can generate waste when not recycled.

To bring healthy and high quality products to our consumers, we need to tackle these negative impacts. Our strategy is to promote a circular economy, using sustainable materials made from sustainable sources and treating waste as a new, valuable resource. Innovation will be key in this journey towards building a healthy packaging cycle.

Minimize the use of resources and move towards 100% recyclable 

We continue to reduce the amount of packaging we use while ensuring it still brings the ideal and most qualitative consumer experience. Our R&D teams work to deliver new innovations and to help make 100% of our packaging fully recyclable.

Use sustainable resources

By 2020, we aim to eliminate the use of paper based packaging derived from unsustainable sources such as deforested areas. We are also committed to the bio-economy and the use of bio-sourced plastic materials. Our new innovations in plant based plastic are thanks to the work of the Bioplastic Feedstock Alliance, co-created with the WWF.

Create a second life for all plastics we use

Our goal is to actively contribute to create a second-life for all plastics we use. In countries where waste collection is based on the informal sector, Danone will continue to build coalitions to experiment innovative and socially inclusive recycling models. 

Engaging consumers to recycle 

The circular economy starts with consumers and our packaging is the first communication contact with them. We therefore use our packaging to encourage consumers to adopt responsible and recycling behaviors, and use our creativity and marketing ability to make recycling common practice.