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Danone ecosystem

Working with Non For profit partners to create jobs and reinforce our local ecosystems through a general interest fund. 

Danone Ecosystem Fund

The Danone Ecosystem Fund was established in 2009 when the financial crisis and rising unemployment had begun to seriously impact societies around the world. At that time, our then CEO Franck Riboud announced that it was time for companies to rethink the way they operated throughout their value chain. He called for partnerships within local ‘ecosystems’. “It’s in a company’s best interests to take good care of its economic and social environment, meaning its suppliers, its employees, its customers or the places where it operates. That’s what I call its ecosystem”.



“It is in a company’s own interests to care for its economic and social environment or, to put it another way, its ecosystem.” Franck Riboud

Our impacts


million beneficiaries

32 000

people empowered

16 240

women empowered


Some family farmers in southeast Ireland have insufficient income levels and face being dependent on one souce of revenue. It’s possible to generate income by developing forest biomass production on their unused forest areas and improve their income with profits from the sale of biomass.  However, they require support, access to investment and expertise to develop this alternative source of income.

Through the Ecosystem fund, the Danone ELN Factory in Wexford, has invested in a biomass boiler to optimize sustainable energy use and reduce CO2 emissions at its plant with access to competitive biomass suppliers.




All the programs are designed to create economic growth. The Fund specifically supports the professional empowerment of “small” local actors  with jobs being created or strengthened for smallholder farmers, micro-distributors, care givers and waste pickers. These small players in the local economy see an increase in revenue, as well as improvements in their working conditions, and consequently, improvement of their quality of life, as does that of their families. This is how the Danone Ecosystem Fund contributes to the development of an inclusive economy, reconciling the long term development of an international company with that of small players in the local economy who make up the ‘reinforced ecosystem’.

Our projects around the world

Co-creation is at the heart of our Ecosystem approach. In looking for the best way to strengthen the local economy, we join forces with partners who have local expertise and knowledge of the specific social issues the Fund addresses. Everyday, 45 local subsidiaries from General Managers to Project Managers and over 51 Non For Profit partners work together to find solutions to social, environmental and economic challenges. To ensure the projects’ positive social and environmental impacts, measurement studies are led with academic partners (HEC, William Davidson Institute, ESSEC…) and co-funding is sought to find solutions which create a more inclusive society.


Danone Ecosystem Fund


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